Personnel: Ian Watkinson & Robert Hall

Themes: Subsidence, exhumation and uplift; Eastern Indonesia and the Bird’s Head


Sulawesi is an area of active strike-slip faulting, crustal-scale extension, collision, subduction, dramatic uplift and subsidence. Two major sinistral strike-slip fault systems bound a suite of postulated metamorphic core complexes that may also be actively exhuming metamorphic rocks from the mid-lower crust. This project aims to determine the age and history of fault activity.


The N-S trending Palu-Koro Fault divides Sulawesi into western and eastern halves. Almost at right angles to this fault zone is the Matano Fault which is a highly segmented active strike-slip fault system trending ESE from near the southern tip of the Palu-Koro Fault. Both fault zones are seismically active but little is known of their history and timing of movements on them.