Personnel: A.M. (Ega) Surya Nugraha & Robert Hall

Themes: Sedimentology and provenance; Eastern Indonesia and the Bird’s Head


This project aims to improve the dating of the Celebes Molasse, provide a modern stratigraphic framework, identify its provenance, define its palaeogeography and improve the understanding of the tectonic history of Sulawesi.


The Indonesian island of Sulawesi is well known for its complex collision history but the proposed Neogene age of collision is still not well defined. Our knowledge of the timing of this collision is obtained from the Celebes Molasse. However, this formation is so broad that it includes almost all conglomerates and sandstones that were deposited unconformably above pre-Miocene rocks on the island. Therefore a detailed study of the molasse is required to better constrain the age of collision.