Alfend Rudyawan, Robert Hall, Ian Watkinson and Lloyd White
Late Miocene paleogeographyThis project aims to gain a better understanding of the Neogene history of the central part of the North Arm of Sulawesi by identifying structures and determining ages and rates of exhumation. These ages and exhumation rates will be determined by radiometric dating of minerals from key samples. Ages from radiometric dating will be used in conjunction with field relationships to identify the timing of deformation in the North Arm of Sulawesi. This project will provide a revised stratigraphy for the region which will be extrapolated to interpret the offshore geology in Gorontalo Bay.




An alternative to the current understanding that suggest the east-west trending North Arm of Sulawesi formed as a result of the collision between western Sulawesi and the Paleogene volcanic is needed. Recent onshore and offshore geological studies indicate that Late Neogene crustal extension has also played a major role in this region. A revision of the stratigraphy in combination with new age data will add to our understanding of the geological and tectonic history of the region.

View to the Dulamayo Mountain