Lorin Davies, completed PhD project



The basement rocks of Sundaland are poorly understood. In some cases they have not been studied since the pre-war investigations of the Dutch geologists Van Bemmelen and Emmichoven.

Pre-Carboniferous metamorphic rocks in SW Borneo, form part of this basement. They outcrop in the Schwaner Mountains, West Kalimantan, covering an area of around65,000 sq. Km. This ancient core of Borneo is surrounded by Cenozoic sedimentary basins, many of them sourced from Borneo itself.

The intrusion of a Lower cretaceous igneous complex into regionally metamorphosed rocks of the Pinoh Metamorphics raised the Schwaner Mountains, uncovering the metamorphic basement to outcrop.

This project aims to investigate the nature and origin the basement beneath the region by examining the age and provenance of zircons, both detrital and from basement rocks.


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