Our research and commitment would be impossible without the long-term and regular support provided by Consortium Members. Industry and academia often have different perspectives and targets but we have now worked in partnership for 15 years and we believe that the continued support from our established company members shows that communication has been effective and the partnership has been successful. We believe that we are able to undertake top quality international scientific work which is of value to industry and academia.

Are you interested in joining the group of companies supporting the research of the SE Asia Research Group?

For companies, membership of the Consortium supporting the SE Asia Research Group provides many benefits. These include:

  • Rapid access to the results of our wide-ranging and intensive programme of inter-related, land-based and marine geological and geophysical field research. Progress reports are presented to companies at regular intervals, with full reports on the completion of each individual project.

  • Easy access to an extensive collection of maps, memoirs, monographs and periodicals related to the geology of SE Asia housed in the Royal Holloway library. Companies may consult the collection and photocopies of items held in the collection can be supplied quickly on request.

  • Access to a comprehensive, continually updated, computerised reference bibliography to the geological literature of SE Asia currently including more than 20,000 items. The bibliography is provided in book form and on CD allowing computer searching. Much of the material is held in the SE Asia library at Royal Holloway; other material can be obtained quickly from elsewhere.

  • Opportunities to propose new research programmes throughout SE Asia and to modify and redirect existing programmes of the Research Group.

  • Opportunities to utilise the experience, expertise, facilities and personnel of the Research Group in sponsored proprietary research programmes specifically tailored to the interests of the Consortium company.

  • Opportunities for representatives of Consortium companies to attend restricted seminars and meetings organised by the Research Group, in which the results of recent research studies are reviewed in the context of regional syntheses. In-house seminars, discussions and short training courses are arranged for representatives of Consortium companies as required.

  • Opportunities for consultation with a pool of experts from the Research Group with detailed first-hand knowledge of the geology of many parts of the region and with close-working relationships with national institutions in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, and contact with other research groups active in SE Asia.

  • Information and reports from scientific meetings concerned with the geology of SE Asia organised and attended by members of the Research Group.

For information email our administrator (Max.Webb@rhul.ac.uk).